Second Annual Back To The Banks

Some Spots Never Die!

Second Annual Back to the Banks Contest

The general public looks at every obstacle and structure in public spaces without a second thought regarding their intended usage, but skateboarders have always looked at things differently. While most people see stairs simply as something to walk up, a skateboarder dreams of every possible way he can hurl his board and body down that big ol’ set or accompanying handrail. While most people see benches as only a place to rest, a skateboarder sees the tail slide and crooked grind options possible.

The same goes for the Brooklyn Banks, located on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Built in the mid 1960s, this legendary skate spot was once overrun by homeless people as a hassle-free chill spot and a place to keep dry, until skateboarders once again opened their minds and saw what others didn’t...a skateboard metropolis!

Known worldwide as one of the only original legendary skate spots that is still standing, the Brooklyn Banks have helped transform some skateboarders into legends. From Christian Hosoi’s first Ollie over the barrier to Jamie Thomas’ line on the nine and 13 stair handrails in Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell video, the possibilities of the Banks are endless.

For many years, the Brooklyn Banks were on the brink of extinction. They were slated to be ripped down by the city and replaced by tetherball courts and other random structures...until Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro stepped in with a vision. Destined to keep his hometown spot around for life, Steve went to city planning meetings and tirelessly fought to save the banks. With his passionate campaign, the city agreed to keep the banks around, and even went a step further to repair most of the grounds that were damaged from all of the chaos throughout the years. Now the Brooklyn Banks are not only around for life, they are considered a designated city skateboard park.

In that same spirit, the second annual Back to the Banks competition encourages skateboarders everywhere to never back down from the government and to fight to have natural skate terrain designated for skateboarding! Please join Steve Rodriguez, along with 5Boro, Emerica, Spitfire, Skateboarder, Red Bull and Volcom, in the second annual Back to the Banks competition on August 19, 2006, when thousands of dollars in cash and prizes will be awarded for three different best trick competitions.

Back to the Banks

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.

Location: Under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, New York.

Format: One jam and three best trick sections on the banks, the blocks and the stairs / rail.

Booty: Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Sponsors: 5boro, Emerica, Spitfire, Volcom, Skateboarder, Red Bull

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