Second Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

The Sessions Second Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest was a 100-percent success. It took place Saturday September 30, and recognizable faces on hand included Joe Hutchison, Ryan Wilburn, Chet Childress, Steve Caballero, Jeff Grosso, Ed Devera, Colt Cannon, Ron Whaley, Doug Shoemaker, Chris Senn, The Tilt Mode Army, Israel Forbes, Justin Strubing, Jonny Manak, Chad Vogt, Aaron Astorga, Greg Carroll, Max Schaaf, and many more.

The Vans Skatepark in Milpitas, California agreed to let us destroy their facility. It all started off with the street contest. It was a fun mix, no age groups, no skill levels, just everyone skating. A refreshing change for a contest was Ray Stevens, formally of The Faction, who drug his crates of old punk vinyl to the top of the vert ramp and set the tempo for the contest.

Following last year’s tradition, the judging panel was made up of friends ofTim’s, including Jai Tanju, Jason Strubing, Scotty Greathouse, ChetChildress, and Aaron Astorga.

Following the excitement of the street contest was the much-anticipated bowl contest. This is where things got crazy. It was obvious from watching a poor park employee try to sweep out the bowl that all our plans for an organized jam-style contest were out the window. Basically we just started the clock and said, “Go!” The contest immediately turned into what resembled a backyard pool party¿against all requests from the park, pads were removed and it turned into a last-man-standing contest.

I don’t think any one person had their own run. At one point I counted six people skating at once. Every few seconds you could hear the crowd gasp as one skater narrowly missed another. Standing out were The Greek, Chad Vogt, Aaron Astorga, Pete The Ox, Sparking Tony, Matthew Dyck, Tony Manfre, and some heated doubles runs from Jonny Manak and Chris Senn.

Once the dust cleared and the fires were extinguished, the results were determined:

1. Colt Cannon
2. Corey Ryan
3. Jeremy Morgan
4. Nester Judkins
5. Matt Eversole
6. Daryl Angel
7. Wes Tonascia
8. Joe Hutchison
9. Jose Ryo
10. Ricky Espinoza

1. The Greek
2. Pete “The Ox” Colpits
3. Matthew Dyck

Our thanks go out to all the sponsors; Etnies, Santa Cruz, Vans, Consolidated Skateboards, Halos Bearings and Systems Distribution, Independent, Dragon Optical, Skateworks, Silo,Tum Yeto, TransWorld SKATEboarding, Big Brother, Think, everyone who showed up andentered, and friends and family of Tim.