Shocking Dwindle News!


Anticipation is mounting for the arrivals of the Almost and Blind videos. The US Almost Round 3 Premiere is scheduled for November 10th at the Avalon in Hollywood! The more the merrier, so see you there! The Blind video “What If will premiere in January 2005.

ASR… Haslam seized to amaze at the e’s game of skate in a fine display of hirsute flatland mastery. Dwindle boxing was a success, with man verses woman, man verses big man, midget verses little man matches going off. All held together by the vocal talents of Chris” of television” Casey. So yeah the boxing was a lot of fun, my only worry is what are we going to do for next trade show? Monkey tennis?

Legacy kicked their rock n roll machine up a gear by adding heroes of men …Pat Duffy and Justin Strubing to the team. Looks like Mumford won’t have to go the bar alone on the legacy road trip now. Strubing is in Barcelona filming for the 88 video, then straight on to the Legacy video. Yeah, another video from Dwindle…. Can you believe it? The rest of the team is hard at work filming for the video and getting top quality coverage. Check out the new Mumford, Strubing and Duffy pro models at your local skate shop. Mark Gutterman and Peter Watkins are working on the 88 video as well slated for a spooky release October 31. Mumford is working hard on the Globe video set to drop when it’s finished. Sometime in the not too distant.

Lutzka placed 2nd in the Gravity Games in Cleveland and Sheckler got third in a height appropriate contest placing SHOCKER. Ryan won L.G. Almost team participated in the Thrasher Magazine King of the Road contest. Almost team scraped third but a good time was had by all. According to Tom the TM, the team was as very well behaved and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Chad Bartie is happily recovering from knee surgery in Barcelona. In a nightmare’s of nature SHOCKER Mike Peterson’s new house in Jacksonville Beach, FL was viciously assaulted by hurricane Ivan! The house held it’s own against the odds and only lost a fence. Carlos is happily enjoying the flavors of home due to visa problems. Enrique is working on a digital part. Crum is practicing the 900 on the Dwindle super mini ramp.

Canadian Grant Patterson and Ozzie Jake Duncombe are the latest am’s to the already solid as a rock Blind team. Will the new ams have time to get all of their sponsor me footage together for the video?

The whole pro team has been filming like men possessed in the final deadline months of filming. Watch out for the Blind video “What If?” Jan 2005 it will be a SHOCKER, that’s right a SHOCKER.

Bobby Puleo will be touring England in the month of October with IPath. Jerry Hsu has photos in KCDC’s Photo Show this month. Louie Barletta is working on an interview for Transworld. Caswell Berry just finished a Slap Magazine Interview. NEW PRO FOR enjoi, Jason Adams is working on a Thrasher Magazine Interview and was part of the Enjoi East Coast Tour Stressout…

Jose Rojo – is still Mexican!

Vans Triple Crown:Blind Rider Corey Sheppard took 3rd place in a rare contest appearance. I’m sure Corey may well turn over a new contest bound leaf. Ryan Sheckler hyper extended his elbow in the practice runs, so didn’t skate in the contest. BUT… He’s still got a video part to finish, so he’s still skating against doctors orders. NAUGHTY BOY!! Ronnie Creager tweaked his ankle in the semi finals, so didn’t get to skate the finals. Hopefully this turns into a contest grudge match between Corey and Ronnie! Only kidding…. They both ruled the street course.

W49 Canadian Open:Machnau placed 4th in the overall street contest and ruled in the rail jam, placing 2nd! Mike Peterson and new World rider, Kyle Berard came through for World, placing 6th & 7th in street. Congrats to Tom Curran and the World team for taking 1st in the first annual West 49 brand challenge!!

New employeees for Dwindle are Mr. Derek Richardson, in the Director of Sales position, Mr. Clifford of Marketing as the new assistant, Mr. Brandon Jacobson in the field rep coordinator position and welcome back Mr. Evan Slobodian as the new West Coast Sales Rep.