Shoe Company News April 1999

After leaving longtime shoe sponsor éS, Chad Muskarecently announced his partnership with Four Star Distribution to launch a new shoe and apparel brand. Four Star is best known for its Special Blend, Four Square, and Forum snowboards and outerwear brands, and the as yet unnamed skate-shoe company will be Four Star’s first foray into skateboarding. Muska says he will be more deeply involved in all aspects of the new company than he was with éS, including product design, marketing, and advertising.

At a March press conference held at its now infamous skatepark, Vans announced its plans for the 1999 Vans Warped Tour. Since its inception in 1995, the international tour has seen attendance grow as much as 138 percent annually. The unique lineup of musical acts, skateboarding and BMX vert demos, and festival exhibitions has made the Vans Warped Tour one of the most prominent summer attractions for young people.

On the bill this year are musical acts Cypress Hill, Sevendust, Pennywise, Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas, Less Than Jake, Suicidal Tendencies, Ice T, and a host of others rotating on and off the tour as it circles the globe. Also new to the tour are the Groove Tent and ModArt fashion and art exhibits.

Warped Tour skateboard talent will include Steve Caballero, Mike Frazier, Neal Hendrix, Chris Livingston, Phil Hajal, Jon Comer, and others. The Vans Warped Tour ’99 kicks off June 25 in Austin, Texas.

The 1998 Vans Warped Tour documentary, Punk Rock Summer Camp, debuted at the press conference. The video features live performances and interviews with many of the bands and athletes on last year’s tour. Proceeds form the sale of the video will benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer, Camp Pacific Heartland, LIFEbeat, and Surfrider Foundation. For more information about the Vans Warped Tour ’99 or Punk Rock Summer Camp, call Keri Lee at: (909) 482-4902.

Vans is launching a new advertising campaign that promotes teen lifestyles and sports by spoofing public-service announcements. The ads were created by Newport Beach, California-based McElroy Communications and will air in Spring 1999 on ESPN, ESPN2, MTV, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, and other networks. “We wanted to show that not all teens are out there doing drugs and contemplating suicide,” says Jay Wilson, Vans vice-president of marketing. “Lots of them are involved in healthy activities like BMX, snowboarding, and skateboarding.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the S-ONE Insoles film 4-Cities due out in June. Shot in 16 mm, Super-8, and digital-video formats, the film will include team members Peter Smolik, Quim Cardona, Jerry Fowler, Karl Watson, Mike York, Lavar McBride, Brian Emmers, Aaron Snyder, and Todd Jordan.

In order to better cater to the needs of skaters worldwide, Etnies has created its first line of women’s skate shoes. The collection, featuring three styles, debuted at the ASR Trade Expo in Long Beach, California last February. Etnies currently sponsors Elissa Steamer, the WSC number-one ranked female street skater in the world.

Etnies-riders Hanzy Driscoll‘s and Justin Strubing‘s house burned down. Hanzy lost most of his belongings, but the two are okay.

Look for Bob Burnquist, Andrew Reynolds, and the Emerica logo in the soon-to-be-released Activision video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Due out in August, the Sony PlayStation game is expected to reach about two-million kids worldwide.

Osiris shoes would like to welcome Chapman-amateur Scott Pazeltto its team. Scott can be seen in the upcoming Osiris video The Storm, due out in June. In addition, Jerry Hsu has moved up the ranks to professional status. Good luck, Jerry!

Reef Brazil has been carving deeper into the skate-shoe market by offering many new styles and colors. The shoes feature A.R.C. polyurethane air rebound chambers for shock dampening and rebound.

Expedition Oneamateur Brandon Biebel has joined the Duffs Performance team and has been busy impressing the folks at Duffs with his skills. The entire team has been filming for the full-length Duffs video, which is tentatively set to be released during the holidays. Ricki Bedenbaugh was gathering footage of Chris Pastras and Kenny Reed in San Francisco before Ricki set out to New Orleans to film Kris Markovich demoing in the middle of Mardi Gras. Also, expect extensive footage of the SkatePark of Tampa‘s pro contest in the upcoming video, as Duffs was the exclusive title shoe sponsor of the contest.

Adidaswelcomes Paul Bassettto its sales force. Paul will be representing the brand in Southern California, and can be reached at: (619) 840-7669.