Shoe Company News August 1998

Duffshas announced plans to host a series of street and vert contests beginning in the spring of 1999. The bicoastal events will offer pro purses of 50,000 dollars, and their locations have not yet been determined.

In other Duffs news, Sal Barbierhas signed on as a new designer for the company. Sal’s first shoe will be available for Holiday ’99. Wonder Years, Duffs’ full-length video, will be out in August. The Ricky Bedenbaugh-produced project will feature the entire Duffs team, all packed into a 30-minute video.

Globewelcomes Danny Gonzalesto its international skate team.

Reef Brazilrecently promoted J.D. Hendleyto manage its men’s product category. Largely responsible for the Spring ’99 line, Hendley draws on his extensive retail experience in working with designers on Reef’s skate shoes, slides, and sandals.

Master Fit Enterpriseshas released a new custom footbed device that allows shops to tailor insoles to customers’ feet. The Insta-Print 2000 uses a patented, putty-filled footbed that is pressed against a customer’s feet by pumping air into inflatable chambers around the foot. The ski and skate model of Insta-Print footbed blanks are made from a low-temperature thermoplastic with an EVA topskin. For more information, contact Master Fit Enterprises at: (914) 944-9038.

2-Fish shoe works has set the stage for the next stop of the Outhaus Tour ’98, which is a series of West Coast skatepark events featuring local bands, food, and skating. The next date is Sunday, August 8, somewhere in Southern California, and will feature the new video, Time Lapse, from independent filmmaker Daryl Grogan. If you saw Daryl’s last effort, Live Animation, you know this new video is going to be amazing. Time Lapsewill feature Andrew Reynolds, Marc Johnson, Chad Muska, and many others. Since the last stop at Skate Street Ventura got a little out of hand, the Outhaus Tour events will now be by invitation only.

2-Fish pros Dan Rogersand John Reeves embarked on The Great European Tour on July 24. They hooked up with fellow 2-Fish pro Ron Chatman to travel through the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, and Germany, among other places.

TransWorld Media was paid a surprise visit in April by VansVice President For Promotions Steve Van Doren, who brought his barbecue rig and fed the hungry magazine staffs a sizzling lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, M&Ms, and chocolate-chip cookies. Training for grill duty on the worldwide Vans Warped Tour this summer, the amicable Mr. Van Doren earned himself an open invitation to visit TransWorld anytime he likes.

In addition to his time on the Vans Warped Tour, Van Doren will also make appearances at the three Vans Triple Crown Of Skateboardingcontests, which this year will feature both vert and street events. The first contest, the Mountain Dew Open, kicked off the series on May 15 in Panama City, Florida, where Bob Burnquistand Kenny Andersontook first place and 5,000 dollars each for their respective performances in the vert and street events. The next stop, The G-Shock Pro, will be in Asbury Park, New Jersey on August 2, where the Triple Crown will share a date with the Warped Tour.

In addition to its support of amateur skateboarding, Vans has been promoting youthskateboarding as well. Reestablishing its Pee Wee Skate Team, which the company originally formed in 1978, Vans has gathered a group of four- to ten-year-old skateboarders who will tour the country and make appearances at theme parks, malls, and schools. The Pee Wee Skate Team will promote fun and safety in skateboarding, as well as a drug-free lifestyle. Vans Skateboard Team Manager Beatle Rosecrans was himself an original Pee Wee Skate Team member.

The Vans PPee Wee Skate Team is featured in some of the company’s new TV commercials, aired on Nickelodeonand MTV. Vans has also brought back the “three misfortunate cheerleaders” from last year’s award-winning TV commercials for one of its new regular spots. The new cheerleader spot features pro skateboarder Cara-Beth Burnside, surfer Kalani Robb, and the Vans BMX team.

Vans has secured year-round worldwide ESPN TV coverage of the Vans Triple Crown Series, which consists of twelve skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding contests. The events, cosponsored by G-Shock watches and Mountain Dew, will each receive a one-hour show slot airing on espn2 in the United States, and ESPN International Network in Asia, Australia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.