Shoe Company News January 2000

After leaving DC Shoe Co. in November, Kelly Bird, Mike Carroll, and Rick Howard joined up with Podium Distributionto launch Lakai Limited Footwear, which is set to premiere its first line in Spring 2000. For more information, call Podiumat: (818) 774-2501.

In late October, Etniesheld a press launch at a restaurant-club in the lower east side of Manhattan to introduce the Spring 2000 line, and to expose the action-sports industry to the New York media. The media event featured a local New York DJ and an Etnies video produced by Mike Manzoori. Guests included skate-shop owners and employees, New York magazine editors, pro athletes, and other VIPs. Etnies was represented by CEO Pierre Andre Senizergues, Vice President of Marketing Don Brown, Shoe Designer Franck Boistel, and riders Elissa Steamer, Brian Patch, Noah Johnson, plus a crew of New York-based skaters.

In September, Osiris opened a satellite office in Pusan, Korea to further their ability to design, innovate, and manufacture shoes in Korea. The operation is set up to create closer ties with the Korean shoe-manufacturing community.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Osiris’ The Storm, now you have two formats to choose from. The much-anticipated video is now available as a DVD, which features three bonus sections with footage from the premiere and awards ceremony, the after-parties, the midnight video-release event at Street Machine skate shop, and the roundtable MC jam session. This special package also contains the soundtrack CD, which has some of the sounds from the video as well as twenty other tracks from San Diego hip-hop artists and DJs. The StormDVD package is expected to retail at about 30 dollars. The soundtrack CD is also available separately from Alias Distribution.

In Osiris team news, Jerry Hsu has turned pro and Shorty’steam rider Toan Nguyen has been added to the am team. Bryan House, the former domestic sales manager for Progressionvideo magazine, has been named Osiris surf-team manager.

Nikeconsolidated its U.S. advertising in November and ended its two-year relationship with San Francisco marketing agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. All of Nike’s domestic marketing will be handled by Portland-based Wieden & Kennedy, Inc., which has worked with Nike since 1982. The athletic-footwear giant reported that its goals will be better served by a one-agency model. Goodby, Silverstein won a Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival for its Nike skateboarding television campaign, and developed other campaigns, including one for the successful U.S. women’s soccer team. Wieden & Kennedy is responsible for Nike’s Just Do It campaign.

The adidas skate team had been busy traveling across the U.S. filming video footage with Jon Humphries. A trailer will be displayed at the adidas booth at ASR in February, with the full-length video set for release in late summer. At ASR adidas will also be debuting the new Lance Mountain II signature shoe. This shoe is the lightest in the entire adidas skate collection, made of all-synthetic materials, and incorporates technologies from adidas’ running and training footwear. The Lance Mountain II will be available to skate specialty stores in July, retailing for 95 dollars.

After winning the Vans/Hard Rock Cafe World Championships last October, Matt Beach went to work on his own adidas signature shoe, which will be sneak previewed at ASR in February, and is tentatively scheduled to hit retail stores in October.

DVS is excited about their recent acquisition of Keith Hufnagel. He joins a talented list of skaters including: Daewon Song, Chico Brenes, Sean Sheffey, Keenan Milton, Mike Crum, Fabian Alomar, James Craig, Daniel Castillo, Richard Mulder, Jeron Wilson, and Mike York. Their outside sales force just got a boost from New York native and long time skater Chris Cottle. He will be a Matixand DVS rep in the Northeast. His extensive knowledge of the skating industry will make him a welcome addition to Podium Distribution‘s rep team.

The Vans Skatepark machine keeps moving. The next parks to be opened are breaking ground this month in Milpitas, California and Potomac, Virginia. Later this year work will also begin on the Orlando, Florida location. Vans has been negotiating with Dave Duncan to oversee the projects, and Rick Carje will continue to direct the concrete work. Meanwhile, Vans pro Steve Caballero, who lives near Milpitas, has been lobbying to have Brian Schaefer of the SkatePark of Tampa design that street course, and Tim Payne is rumored to be building the Orlando street course.

The original Vans Skatepark in Orange, California recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with its redesigned indoor street course and resurfaced 80-foot-wide vert ramp.

Vans has been busy lately signing sponsorship and partnership deals with Ford and Sony. Ford Ranger will sponsor eighteen Vans Triple Crown events, including skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding events. A Ford Ranger truck will be part of the street course during the skateboarding contests, allowing the contestants to ride all over the vehicle.

Vans has also announced a joint sponsorship and licensing agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. As part of the agreement, Sony acquires the rights to use athletes associated with the Vans Triple Crown Series events and other programs for game-development purposes. Sony and their PlayStation brand will become a primary sponsor of the event series for two years.

State College, Pennsylvania recently received a donation from Airwalk for its public-skatepark project. For the park’s grand opening, Airwalk will fly out ace pilot Jon Comerfor the weekend.

Sens Footwear will be premiering its line at ASR in February. Gregg Witt will join the company as international sales director, Shaun Ferrell has been hired as the domestic sales manager, and Darren McCannon will be heading up the marketing department. For more information, log onto the Sens Web site at:

With an illustrious eighteen-year (so far) pro career under his belt, Tony Hawk has become the most well known and respected skateboarder in the world. Now that he’s a household name, Adio will be releasing a new line of kids’ shoes at ASR. Designed by Hawk and Adio, the Hawk 900 Series will offer five models in kids’ sizes 1¿13. Each model will include various technical features and sell in a range of price points.