Shoe Company News June 1999

Emerica has announced the July release of the new Andrew Reynolds pro shoe. Andrew worked with Emerica designers to develop a simple yet technical shoe that features a suede, mesh, and synthetic upper, and a polyurethane midsole with A.B.C. heel cushion. For more information, call Sole Technology at: (949) 460-2020.

Gravis, the casual-shoe company launched by Burton snowboards last year, has introduced its long-anticipated first line. The five styles range from a lowtop slip-on to a hightop hiker, and according to Gravis all are designed to be “performance-oriented shoes for everything you do when you are not on your board.”

To maintain the purity of the Burton brand, Gravis was launched as a separate company with its own staff and identity. The Gravis line was inspired by skaters, snowboarders, and surfers, and the shoes’ custom lasts were developed after fit-testing hundreds of athletes. “Our tests show that board sports affect the shapes of riders’ feet,” says Gravis Product Manager Richard Camargo. “And rather than go with a standard industry last or mold, we have designed something entirely different to make the shoes fit better and to be more comfortable.”

Gravis shoes retail from 75 to 120 dollars, and will be available to select retailers in August. For more information, call Gravis at: (802) 660-7900.

Vans joined Universal Home Video, G-Shock, and Sony PlayStation to promote the rerelease of the 1982 film Fast Times At Ridgemont High with a twenty-campus college tour this spring. The tour featured movie screenings, skateboard and BMX demos, 80s trivia contests, virtual surfing, radio promotions, and more. At each stop, college fraternities, sororities, and camps clubs had the opportunity to enter a raffle for a customized VW bus. Procedes from the bus raffle will benefit Camp Pacific Heartland, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with AIDS.

In conjunction with the tour, Vans released the Cyclone, a modern version of the Spicoli shoe that actor Sean Penn wore in the film.

Globe congratulates Danny Gonzalez for taking first place in street, Tas Pappas for taking second in vert, and Dan Pageau for taking sixth in street at the Louisville, Kentucky X-Trials. Danny and Tas are now eligible to compete in this summer’s X-Games in San Francisco.

Osiris has expanded its surf program with the addition of surfers Danny Fuller and Josh Sleigh to its established team of Mat Archbold, Justin Matteson, Aaron Frosio, Benel and Ola Eleogram, and Christian Vaccarro. More information, including profiles on Osiris’ complete roster of athletes, can be found on the company’s Web site: