Shoe Company News November 1998

Kenny Hughes was recently welcomed into the DC Shoe It seems the folks at Circus Distribution began working with him shortly after his move from native North Carolina to Costa Mesa, California to film for the Element video a year ago. Also added to the DC team is Philadelphia’s Stevie Williams. Recently joining the Chocolate roster, Stevie’s part in the upcoming Chocolate video is rumored to be truly dazzling. Based on the two quality teams he’s just joined, the buzz is probably true.

DVS Shoe Company is proud to announce the addition of Mike York to its team. Mike was recently featured in the Globe‘s sponsored documentary, Canvas, which was co-produced by the University Of Southern Californiafilm school and Australian distributor Hardcore Enterprises, and also features the personalities and skating of Rodney Mullen, Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson, Gershon Mosley, Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, and Ryan Wilburn. After its San Diego premiere in September, a bit of controversy erupted over the video’s inclusion of Axionpro Guy Mariano. But once it was clarified that this is not the Globe-team video, the controversy subsided, and Canvaswent on to screen in several cities in Australia, New Zealand, and England to rave reviews. For more info on Canvas, check out its Web site at:

Jaya Bonderov is now riding for Reef Brazil. He is currently working on his signature shoe, which will be available in 1999.

Robert Gonzales is the latest addition to the Kastel team, and the Jesse Paez shoe will be released soon. The entire Kastel team went on a Hawaii Super Tour with 411VM in October.

News from the Sole Technology, Inc. office includes the addition of Carlos de Andrade to the Etnies team and Arto Saari to the Emerica team. Etnies pro Mike Vallely and Emerica’s Chris Senn are set to tour South Africa in April 1999. Lincoln Ueda received a minor concussion on August 29th and was taken to a hospital. Fortunately, Lincoln is doing fine. Richard Kirby is also recovering nicely from knee surgery.