SHUT x Frank’s Chop Shop

New York, NY (March 2008) – Frank’s Chop Shop (FCS), a New York based full-service traditional barbershop, announces its first-ever collaboration to create a limited edition skateboard with legendary original New York City skateboard company SHUT. Together with SHUT, Frank’s Chop Shop will release only 151 exclusive collectable decks designed by acclaimed trendsetting artist, Steve Ellis.
The FCS/SHUT board is an unique extension of the very popular collector’s edition of the SHUT Blade board series, as well as another offering in a series of  Frank’s Chop Shop exclusive limited edition products. Each FCS/SHUT skateboard retails for $70 and will be available at FCS (19 Essex Street, NYC), as well as on the online store. The boards go on sale starting in later March 2008.
The FCS/SHUT board is dipped fully in white with the FCS logo across the front and the design imprinted on a 32.375″ x 8″ Todd Jordan shaped deck. The front of the board also features a message from Benjamin Franklin, the original “Modern Gentleman of Leisure,” that reads, “A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over”. The back of the board features a full image of a barber blade created by Steve Ellis, one of the standout artists that SHUT enlisted to design the blade board series.

“We’re excited to connect Frank’s Chop Shop with a brand that has shown unparalleled dedication to the history and future of skateboarding. SHUT has continued to create a strong presence in the action sports industry and will help take FCS to the next level of awareness,” Frank Green commented, “Making sure that style takes priority over trends, SHUT focuses on keeping things diverse, which is a perfect fit for us.”
Catering to the Modern Gentleman of Leisure, FCS is more than just a unique service and retail endeavor; it’s a cultural hub and community forum for the modern man. The barbershop features high-end grooming services, from cuts and shapeups to straight edge razor shaves, all done in three 1930’s vintage barber chairs. FCS offers an innovative environment for gentlemen to read the latest issues of Frank151, chop it up with friends and associates, and pick up an exclusive FCS hat, FSC/MSGR belt and now the FCS/SHUT skateboard. The Chop Shop serves as a meeting place and attracts future generations of youth who seek to base their lifestyle on the progression of culture on a global level.

 With only 151 available, make sure you get your FCS/SHUT deck ASAP! ( )