Sidewalk‘s Big Push Live Today

Sidewalk‘s Big Push annual team-style roadtrip contest has gone live today. Check out the team blogs from the road here, someone already got arrested! Read the synopsis for this year below.

“This year we have an extra team with I-Path joining last years six. We've also slimmed down the challenges and dropped the specific regions in favour of dividing the UK into North and South to give each team more time and space to simply go out skateboarding.

Each team is tasked with a variety of missions, including 10 obscure tricks for points, a possible three NBD tricks at famous spots in their assigned area (North or South) as well as a highest ollie competition, which will happen on the road.

As with last year, points accrued from completing the challenges set will count for half of each team's individual score, with online voting accounting for the rest. Your votes will be added to these pre-existing scores to determine the overall winners - you are voting for your favourite edit - nothing else, so use your vote wisely.

The winning team of this year's Big Push will score themselves £2000 prize money to share between the participants, as well as the cover of the Christmas mag and internet fame beyond compare.”