Skateboard Auction Of The Century

Skateboard Auction Of The Century

Ray Underhill benefit eBay auction May 13—20, 2007Check for updates and link.

Grab those hammers—it’s time to break those piggy banks! What may be the largest auction for collectable skateboard items is upon us. Pros and industry notables from the past and present have donated a grip of one-of-a-kind gear to help raise money for Ray Underhill and his battle against a chordoma brain tumor.This auction offers one absolute guarantee that no other auction can offer: zero buyer’s remorse! This sounds cliché, but it’s true—Ray Underhill is one of the nicest guys in skateboarding, and his friends have come out en force to help him and his family in this difficult time. He may be the only pro skater who ever substituted “fudge” for the other naughty word that starts with F. Ray was always willing to step up and help others, and this auction is our opportunity to do the same for him.

Ray turned pro for Powell Peralta during the 1980s, earned his own model, and traveled the world for contests and demos. He eventually married, had two children, and settled in North Carolina, where he works for Eastern Skateboard Supply as a graphic artist.

Last year Ray was diagnosed with a chordoma brain tumor. He’s undergone surgeries and battled back from paralyzed vocal cords and other complications. He’ll spend the summer at Loma Linda medical facilities in California for radiation treatment. 

It’s a testament to Ray’s personality that so many heavies in the skate world pitched in for the cause. All proceeds will benefit the Underhill family so you can bid away knowing that at the very least, you’re helping an awesome skate brother (and also getting some sweet gear in the process.) How can any significant other argue with you dropping some bills on skate gear with motivation like that? Rock on Ray! 

This eBay auction is hosted by Grind For Life ( ), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. 

For more information and updates on the Ray Underhill auction, visit 


• An afternoon photography lesson with legendary skate photographer J Grant Brittain. Tony Hawk will be the live subject and The Skateboard Mag will print the picture you take in a future issue.
• Rodney Mullen’s personal 2002 TransWorld SKATEboarding Readers’ Choice Award trophy—signed!
• Stacy Peralta’s personal complete skateboard he rode (custom Powell Peralta shape w/ General Issue graphic)—signed!
• Lance Mountain hand-painted Ray Underhill tribute deck—signed!
• Pair of original Vans Caballero Shoes—the first-ever professional skate shoe—signed and from Stevie’s own collection
• Complete skateboard Chris Cole rode to win the 2006 X Games—signed!
• Complete skateboard Bucky Lasek rode to win 2006 San Jose Dew Action Sports Tour contest—signed!
• Jamie Thomas’ personal deck he rode—signed!
• Fallen T-shirt Jamie Thomas wore on the cover of Thrasher King of the Road issue—signed! (also includes signed KoR DVD and Thrasher magazine) 
• Powell Peralta General Issue re-issue—one of 300 manufactured for 2003 ASR promo
• The deck Dustin Dollin rode to win 2003 Bayview Rumble contest
• Lance Armstrong Giro bike helmet—signed!
• Experimental Rodney Mullen deck—signed!
• 24-carat gold-plated Destructo trucks—only pair in existence
• Original Sean Cliver artwork for Tom Green Birdhouse board with mint board.
• Ray Underhill deck—signed by Bones Brigade (Lance, Tony, Mike, Tommy, Stacy, George, Rodney, Stevie)
SLAP Photo Editor Joe Brooks b/w print of Danny Busenitz—signed by both!
• Danny Way’s personal deck he rode to set 65′ world record—signed!
• Rodney Mullen’s personal complete set-up he rode for motion-caapturing tricks for Tony Hawk video game—signed!
• Framed J Grant Brittain photo of Tommy Guerrero
• Mint first issue of Transworld SKATEboarding(1983)
• Danny Way’s personal deck he rode in 2006 Hawaii contest—signed!
• 1999 Birdhouse team signed deck (Reynolds, Hawk, Santos, Klein, Sumner, Kirchart, Berra)
• Snowboard Shaun White rode to win 2006 Superpipe contest in Park City, Utah—signed!
• Discontinued Powell Peralta re-issue colorways: pink OG Caballero, blue Chinese Dragon Caballero, silver Kevin Harris (signed), white Jay Smith.
• Brand spanking new decks: Geoff Rowley, Lance Mountain, Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Ryan Sheckler, Geoff Rowley, Rodrigo TX, David Gonzalez, PJ Ladd, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Jon Allie, Muska, Bam, Jason Lee, Chris Pastras—all signed! 
• David Hackett’s personal hill bomber deck—signed!
• Consolidated “Corporate Kiss Ass” deck series—only three ever screened.
• Hand painted Ed Templeton deck
• Original Krooked artwork by Mark Gonzales
• Handcrafted Barfoot longboard
• éS shoes for a year
• Adio shoes for a year
• Emerica shoes for a year
• DVS shoes for a year
• Etnies shoes for a year
• Vans shoes for the whole family
• Osiris shoes for a year
• $500 worth of Altamont clothes
• Santa Cruz Ashes to Ashes re-issue series: Rob Roskopp and Jeff Kendall models—signed
• Vintage House of Kasai Lester Kasai deck
• Signed Dinosaur Jr. concert poster
• Deck Tony Hawk rode and signed in 1984
• Special Edition Search for Animal Chin DVD—signed by entire Bones Brigade (Lance, Tony, Mike, Tommy, Stacy, George, Rodney, Stevie)
• Size 10.5 Tommy Guerrero adidas model, from a limited run of 100
• Tony Hawk’s personal complete skateboard that he rode—signed!
• Late-80s Adrian Demain’s personal deck he rode for Limpies ad—signed!
• SkateBoarder racing stripe re-issue T-shirt
• Galley proof version of Rodney Mullen biography (different title)—signed!
• Vintage G&S Fibreflex Skateboards jersey
• All 40 issues ever produced of The Skateboard Mag
• Framed Chris Ortiz photo of Lance Mountain
• Framed Chris Ortiz picture of Christian Hosoi
• TransWorld SKATEboarding video collection
• Framed J Grant Brittain photo of Mike McGill
• Framed J Grant Brittain photo of Chris Miller
• Flip Canadian Tour board—signed!
• Art pieces from Ed Templeton, Mark Mulroney, Ben Horton, George Thompson, and Donny Miller
• Complete skateboard that Steve Caballero rode—signed!
• Paul Zitzer deck—signed!
• Alien Workshop complete skateboards
• Several other packages and skate goods from many top brands


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