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Ready to do business offers the most innovative media monitoring and analysis service for the skateboarding industry

There has been a gap in the skateboard industry over the years that, despite all the advances in technology, has been difficult to clear. Skaters have had a tough time tracking their industry coverage to recoup their photo incentives, while companies have never had an efficient way to keep track of their own media coverage, much less their competitors’.

That gap is about to be cleared.

Through their comprehensive approach, provides customized data reports and coverage analysis based on an individual or brand’s unique needs. Never before has an organization gone to such lengths to document the entire spectrum of media coverage within the skateboarding industry’s publications. offers an invaluable solution to quantify their clients’ media coverage and to enhance one’s perspective on markets and trends that impact their business or careers.

“ monitors skateboarding-related magazines from around the world. We then break down the information page by page, photo by photo, word by word and correlate the data in order to provide our clients with and array of detailed analysis and coverage reports, says Karle Durante, CTO of “The applications of data are limitless. From individuals interested in their personal coverage reports to companies tracking their athletes and brands seeking a comparative analysis of their competition, the data that we provide is priceless.

Tim Gavin, Vice President of Podium Distribution (DVS Shoes), says, “Skate Coverage is a great way to view all of your rider’s coverage. You can really base a lot of monetary issues off of the coverage reports they provide.”

Gretchen Sheckler says, “I’ve been bugging these guys for months, dying to know when the site was going to launch. There is someone in every company who has to go over every skater’s monthly coverage and it’s an arduous job. I love that now you can simply log on and see the coverage both editorial and advertising. The site also offers reports and comparisons, its awesome…the skate industry needed this. I needed this!


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