Skateistan Fundraising Drive Update

Keep Skateistan Rolling has raised $6,147 so far. Skateistan in the past has never asked for donations, however as a not for profit the reality is it requires donations, no matter how small, to keep Skateistan running. Skateistan gives students opportunities, skills and experiences that allow them to keep rolling towards personal empowerment.

Skateistan decided that its fundraising drive would not simply be about asking for money, but an opportunity to show the wider world what exactly Skateistan does--to show that Skateistan is much more than just skateboarding, but a hub of creative arts and social diversity. To do this Skateistan has created a series of 7 videos detailing the workings of Skateistan. These video stories aim to give a glimpse into daily life at Skateistan, and demonstrate how contributions to Skateistan positively influences the lives of young girls and boys in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

Part 1-4 are currently available and each video has a corresponding blog article associated with it:

Part 2: Back To School

Part 3: Tuk Tuk Transport

Part 4: Transport In Kabul