Skating lauded in London, banned in The States. Plus nerdy rumors.

City officials in London, England are more than happy to provide more things to skate, while in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city has banned skating altogether. Truly the land of the free.

“Five interactive concrete sculptures are to be installed at London’s unofficial home of skateboarding.” South Bank, London’s version of EMB, will now have skateable sculptures to the delight of city officials. Check out the article, why can’t this happen in the States?

Skateboarding banned on all city property in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cancel your plane tickets.

Oh, you want team hops and rumors and all that stuff? Okay.

Jason Adams quit Black Label for enjoi. Clark Hassler is still one of the most underrated ams out there.

Terry Kennedy and Vanessa Torres are pro for Element.

Could Justin Strubing go from being a free agent to a Sound Agent? We have no idea.

Who is Foundation considering to take his place?

Is DC getting a new pro rider?

Is Reebok?

Gossip is so lame, huh?