Skating On DirecTV

New DirecTV Channel that is live nightly. Coming in two weeks there will be a surf, skate, snow block featuring the latest in content from DVS, Matix, Volcom, Lost, NHS, and others. Check their press release below.


New Series to Feature Interactive Jukebox Where Viewers Vote via Text Message to See Indie Music Videos and Action Sports Clips

DIRECTV places the viewer in control with havoc on The 101, a new interactive video jukebox airing exclusively on DIRECTV’s original entertainment channel The 101.

Debuting April 4, havoc on The 101 will feature an array of music videos from today’s hottest indie bands, as well as cutting-edge action sports clips. An interactive component of the program will put the audience in control of each show’s sequence by allowing them to text in votes, from their personal cell phones, affecting the video line up in real time. Viewers will also be able to ‘chat’ with each other by texting in messages that will appear on the left side of the screen while the videos play. Text message voting and chatting will be available on mobile providers such as Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. The series, an extension of havoc Television’s multi-platform service dedicated to alternative music and action sports, will broadcast 28 hours of fresh interactive content each week, divided into daily four hour programming blocks. Viewers can access the video line-ups on

The show will also mark The 101’s foray into sports programming with the best surf, skate, snow, motorcross and BMX videos out there, all voted on by viewers at home. Airing several hours each day, havoc on The 101 programming is comprised of four one-hour shows, each based on a different music genre. havoc Alternative presents the best alternative music videos dating back to the 70s; havoc Vinyl features underground hip hop, electronic, and reggae music videos; havoc Mixed Tape is a grab-bag of the best music videos from all of Havoc’s genres; and havoc Sports with selections of havoc’s extensive library of the best skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding videos.