Slam City Jam Preview

It’s that time of year again! Vancouver is gearing up to host the 8th annual North American Skateboard Championships, better known as Vans SLAM CITY JAM, May 4-6 at the Pacific Coliseum. Over 200 of the top professional skateboarders from around the world will compete in street and vert for World Cup points and a prize purse of over $45,000 Usd.

Vans Slam City Jam is more than a pro skateboard contest, it’s a 3-day celebration of skateboard culture, including music, style, art and media, and of course – skating! So make the trek to Vancouver, Canada’s skateboard mecca, and join 20,000 spectators, pros and members of the skateboard industry for a weekend of insane skating and crazy partying at one of the world’s largest skateboard events!


Thursday, May 4 1pm-4pm Ultimate BBQ and Bowl Session, Hastings Skatepark Friday, May 4 2pm-9:30pm Street Qualifying, Pro Jam Sessions

Saturday, May 5 11am-9:30pm Street Semi-Finals, Vert Qualifying, Invitational Am Jam Suicidal Tendencies Concert

Sunday, May 6 11am-8:30pm Girls’ Contest, Street and Vert Finals, Best Tricks Jurassic Five Concert

Check out what’s happening at SCJ 2001:

* North American Skateboard Championships $45,000+ (Usd) and World Cup points are at stake as skaters do battle in Pro Street, Vert, and Girls divisions. The championships have always had an international feel and this year even more so, with skaters from Japan, Korea, Brazil and Australia entering in force.

* Hastings Skatepark Vancouver’s reputation as an international skate capital got a major boost with the opening of a new bowl style skatepark, inspired by Marseilles. It’s just steps from the SCJ venue, and Ultimate Distributors will host their annual BBQ there on Thursday May 3 from 1-4pm. Pro Bowl Sessions will be going off throughout the weekend, before the doors to SCJ open.

* Expanded Best Trick Events Recognizing the variety of skating styles and skills, the always-popular best trick contest is back, but this year prizes will be awarded for three different obstacles on street. Vert will now have best lip trick and best air.

* Pro Jam Sessions On Friday’s qualifying day, pros will have the option of skating in non-judged, jam sessions, designed to be less stressful without timed runs or money on the line. The sessions are ideal for new pros testing the waters or others that just don’t get into the whole judging thing.

* Invitational Am Jam When the pros are done killing the course on Saturday, 20 amateurs selected by industry representatives will get a chance to step up and show what they’ve got. SCJ is committed to the progression of skateboarding, and these guys are definitely pushing it.

* New Street Course and Vert Ramp As usual, SCJ is building a new course and vert ramp, featuring the classic Vancouver Stairs, Natural Koncept ‘Booter’ and the Shorty’s Rail.

Other Slam City Jam Highlights:

* SoundStage SCJ’s bringing in 10+ bands to rock the house and fire up the rabid skate rats, with headliners Jurassic 5 and Suicidal Tendencies! DJ’s will keep the music pumpin’ between bands.

* SkateLounge & Art Gallery Where the skaters and fans take a break from the action and chill while watching the latest skate vids, playing some Playstation games, or viewing the work of celebrated artists in the skate community. This year top pro skater and prize-winning artist Ed Templeton and legendary photographer Grant Brittain will present exhibits. Also in the works is a heart-felt tribute to late local skater Major Dave Bower.

* NBC Telecast on May 19, 3:30pm! For the first time ever, SCJ and skateboarding are going prime time on a major television network. This is a great chance for skating to be presented and respected on its own terms.

* Live webcast SCJ will be bringing the excitement of the event to those not lucky enough to attend through its expandeed and improved live webcast. Visit our website at for details.

If you make the pilgrimage to Slam City Jam, tickets are available at Ticketmaster or sold at the door! See you there!