Slam City Jam Wrapup

SLAM CITY JAM, presented by Vans, once again proved itself to be the international skateboard celebration. Welcoming over 1000 guests from the international skate community, and over 20,000 fans, this annual event has turned into the Woodstock of skateboarding. From the record setting crowds, record setting contest runs and huge media turnout, to the action in the new Hastings Skatepark and an incredible music line-up, Slam City Jam 2001 was a huge success. Watch it on NBC, May 19 at 3:30 pm.

SCJ crowned 10 different champions over the weekend in vert, street, girls’ vert & street, the am jam and 5 best trick events. Bob Burnquist from Brazil took his third Vert Championship at Slam City Jam with the highest score ever in World Cup competition – a 99.0! Rune Glifberg from Denmark powered into 2nd and Bucky Lasek was the top american in 3rd place. Bucky also took best vert lip trick and Pierre Luc Gagnon hit the best vert air.

In the Street Finals, Eric Koston narrowly edged out Colt Cannon and Rick McCrank (2nd and 3rd place winners). Colt showed he was ready with a strong 2nd place finish in his first pro contest. The three best trick contests highlighted the range of skills with Malcom Watson taking the Shorty’s Ledge, Chad Bartie on the Shorty’s Rail and Alex Chalmers on the Natural Koncept Booter.

Canada’s own New Line Skateparks created a skaters’ heaven inside the Coliseum with a two-level street course and the 13′ vert ramp that was the base for all the incredible skating and festivities that went down during the big weekend.

The awesome Hastings Skatepark by Spectrum Creations got lots of attention from the old school pool skaters and the new school park rippers. Friday’s rain didn’t put a damper on Brewce Martin or his crew from Skatopia as some of the sickest bowl skating was thrown down- in the rain! The following day brought sun and more great skating from the likes of Matt Moffat, Renton Miller, Andy Macdonald, Lance Mountain, Tony Alva and Alex Chalmers.

SCJ also provided plenty of fun. Rene Rene epitomized the fun in skating as the host of the gnarly bowl sessions. Dave Carnie was back again spreading his irreverence by dedicating his runs to a game of skate hockey – which his american team lost to the canadian crew lead by Alex Chalmers. Plus, the parties that traditionally mark the SCJ weekend were bigger and harder to get into than ever.

High-energy music complemented and drove the skateboarding, from skate punk to 80’s metal and hip hop, all the bases were covered by resident music man Chris Parry. Skaters picked the songs they skated to, and bands performed during practice heats.

Saturday night skate rock legends the Suicidal Tendencies took the stage and blasted out hits while the am jam raged on the street course. The positive messages and tight performance put a smile on many old schoolers’ faces while definitely letting the young guns in the crowd know that the band rocks.

Skate Art
Once again SCJ proved itself unique with the return of the SkateLounge. This year’s lounge was bigger and better than ever. Highlights include Grant Brittain’s slide presentations, Major Dave tribute, Osiris wheel of product giveaways, Skatopia Museum, Skate Videofest featuring the Real video premiere and Mike V’s new documentary as well as art and photography from Ed Templeton, Dave Swift, Jody Morris and loads of others.

As a fitting end to a very successful weekend, Jurassic 5 hit the SoundStage on Sunday and played their biggest show ever. Their good vibes permeated the arena and left everyone feeling as though they’d just experienced a killer party – which is exactly what SCJ was.

“It is great to see how Slam City Jam has grown, from its roots at the Plaza of Nations in 1994, to filling the Pacific Coliseum in 2001. We are honored that the best skaters in the world keep coming back to enjoy Vancouver’s hospitality. The most noticeable change iss perhaps the large numbers of parents who now bring their families to enjoy the skateboarding celebration. This is a true reflection of the evolution of skateboarding within the community.” Maureen Jack LaCroix, Producer

“This was another great year for Slam City Jam, Vancouver and skateboarding in general. The best skaters in the world tore up the ramps and the bowl and the music fueled the fire. I’m blown away by the skills and size of our community. Skateboarding rocks! See you next year.” Jay Balmer, Associate Producer

SCJ 2001 – RESULTS SUMMARY – Total Prize Purse: $42,800 usd

1. Bob Burnquist, The Firm, Brazil
2. Run Glifberg, Flip, Denmark
3. Bucky Lasek, Birdhouse, USA

1. Eric Koston, Girl Skateboards
2. Colt Cannon, Circa, first pro contest
3. Rick McCrank, Girl, Canada

Girls Street
1. Vanessa Torres, Grind King2. Stefanie Thomas, Rookie3. Jaime Reyes, alphanumeric Girls Vert
1. Jen O’Brien, Volcom
2. Candy Hiler, Crown
3. Jodie MacDonald, Reef

Street Best Trick:
Shorty’s rail – Chad Bartie, New Deal – nollie frontside lipslide on the Martha Stewart rail Shorty’s ledge – Malcolm Watson, Arcade – 360 flip frontside noseslide revertNatural Koncept booter – Alex Chalmers, Flip – kickflip indy backside 360

Vert Best Trick:
Lip trick – Bucky Lasek, Birdhouse – nollie flip backside tailslideAir trick – Pierre Luc Gagnon, Vans – heelflip indy 540Am Jam – Josh Evin, Motorhead