Check out this new edit by Manolo of Jeremie Daclin and the boys from Wall Street Skateshop in Lyon’s pilgrimage to skate the Santa Monica Beach curbs and a ton of other cult classic LA spots. Featuring cameos from Lucas Puig, Chris Pastras, Natas Kaupas (wink), Benny Gonsolin, Micka Plasse and even myself this video will make you want to slappy the next curb you see. If you’re in the Lyon, France area September 9-10 also be sure to check out this year’s official Slappy Challenge there organized by Daclin and crew (here was last year’s event).

The “Wall-Street Boys” Jérémie Daclin, Benny Gonsolin and Micka Plasse on a Slappy mission in California. Filmed by them, edited by Manolo (Aug. 2017).