Slaughter At The Opera Results

Globe gave the skateboarding world a day it won’t soon forget!

Greg Lutzka took home $25,000 USD in front of 10,000 skateboarding fans live at the Sydney Opera House at Globe and Thrasher’s Slaughter At The Opera on Saturday afternoon, while tens of thousands watched at home on the webcast.

Some of the event highlights include Greg turning it up huge in the finals with two combos, throwing down a kickflip noseblunt on the 7 stair followed by frontside 270 switch front board on the big 11 stair. He followed that with a fronside 270 noseblunt followed by kickflip front board causing the place to go crazy.

Adam Dyet pulled a nollie cab switch front board on the 7 and kickflip back tail to fakie on the 11.

Ryan DeCenzo put up a kickflip backside smith grind on the 7 followed by nollie backside smith on the 11.

All this and more can be seen in the official event video coming soon from Globe.

Recently released is the Trailer to the HD Event Video program and it can be viewed by downloading this link.

1. Greg Lutzka
2. Adam Dyet
3. Ryan Decenzo
4. Gailea Momolu
5. Sean Malto
6. Nick Dompierre
7. Mark Appleyard
8. Ryan Sheckler
9. Torey Pudwill

Peep some footy recap like this: