Sole Tech Unveils STI

Sole Technology Unveils STI At ASR Trade Show

Long Beach, CA. (August 29, 2003) – The leader in quality, innovation and technology in action sports footwear and apparel for nearly two decades, Sole Technology will publicly unveil the very first scientific research organization dedicated to the biomechanics of skateboarding at ASR next week.

With over two years of unprecedented biomechanics research of skateboarding, the Sole Technology Institute, or STI, will bring never before seen skateboarding biomechanics testing, results and technologies to the ASR trade show in San Diego. Created to gain a better scientific understanding of the physical impacts associated with skateboarding, STI’s groundbreaking research has also been instrumental in developing incredible new skate-specific footwear technologies that promote the longevity of, reduced risk of injury to, and performance of skateboarders.

The STI exhibit at ASR will include live demonstrations, biomechanics research and testing footage, as well as information about STI’s advanced shock absorption technology, System G2(tm). Designed to withstand the extraordinary impacts recorded during STI research, System G2(tm) is also amazingly resilient, lasts longer than other commonly used shock absorption materials, and allows for superior board feel and control.