Sonic Generations of Skate 2011 Recap

Featuring pro skateboarders in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s in a unique team format, the Sonic Generations of Skate event was held October 22, 2011 at Venice Beach, California.

The power team of Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald and Mitchie Brusco took first place at the first-ever Sonic Generations of Skate. The unique new contest featured the world's best vert skaters from three generations battling in a series of four contests set against the famed Venice Beach boardwalk.
The contest included four competitions (individual runs, high air, team triples and best trick) featuring teams that had skaters representing each generation.  The teams finished in the following order:
First Place: Tony Hawk (first generation), Andy Macdonald (second generation), Mitchie Brusco (third generation)
Second Place: Kevin Staab (first generation), Sandro Dias (second generation), Paul-Luc Ronchetti (third generation)
Third Place: Steve Caballero (first generation), Pierre Luc Gagnon (second generation), Elliot Sloan (third generation)
Fourth Place: Sergie Ventura (first generation), Lincoln Ueda (second generation), Adam Taylor (third generation)