Spencer Hamilton Joins Supra Footwear

After 3 years of support, Supra Footwear welcomes Vancouvers’ own Spencer Hamilton to the Am Team.

When asked about Spencer, Antwuan Dixon had a few words of his own, “Yeah you already know who this is, this Antwuan man and I'm gonna be talking about my boy Spencer. He's from straight Vancouver, Canada
where the weed is legal. Basically my boy got some talent. He's a cool dude, he's hard on a skateboard, and he let's the good times roll if you know what I mean. Plus he vibes with everybody and ain't nobody got any bad vibes about him, you know what I'm sayin'? He's down with cool people and cool people are down with him. So, I just want to say we all know you got talent, you're my homie, and all I can say is congratulations!”