Spencer Hamilton on KR3W

Spencer Hamilton Joins KR3W Team.

KR3W is very proud to announce that one of Canada's finest, Spencer Hamilton, has officially joined the ranks of the KR3W Am's, along side Furby and Greg Myers.
Spencer has not only been crushing it coast to coast on his Canadian hometown streets for a long time, he's been killing it around the world as well. As you've probably noticed with his recent coverage and video parts, Spenny's smooth style and solid pop make him a perfect addition to the KR3W. Congratulations Spencer, you've earned it!

"Dude is impeccable! He really is”-Terry Kennedy.
"Spencer's the shit, Mellow kid and he Kills it"-Erik Ellington.

"He's mad cool and a dope skater, He gets me hyped to skate."-Tom Penny.