Starting PointNose Manuals With Rodney Mullen

Starting Point
Nose Manuals With Rodney Mullen
*A nose manual is when you roll on your front wheels. Practice this on flatground first and then find an obstacle to ollie into it.
1. Roll up to the object with a medium amount of speed, don’t go super fast.
2. Start your ollie.
3. Look down at the spot where your front wheels are going to touch down.
4. Begin transferring your weight forward over your front truck.
5. Stay balanced by putting pressure on your front foot and raising your back foot up to keep those wheels in the air.
6. Here’s where that flatland training comes in, keep it up!
7. To pop off the obstacle, you’re going to do a little nollie.
8. Extend your legs and try land as straight as possible.
9. Roll away.