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Stereo Contest

Go to, have a look at their boards, and e-mail them on which 3 are your favorite and why. Send your feedback to, a winner will be chosen at random and will receive the three boards they wrote about.

New Sect DVD

New special holiday Alien Workshop/Habitat DVD is in stores now. It has a full Kalis part and a UK Habitat Tour that is also featured in the new TransWorld. You’ll be rewinding Kalis’ part more than once—he skates to classic rock! The Kalis part marks Greg Hunt’s first project since taking the reigns of the upcoming AWS video. Check the press release to the left!

New Real vid in the works

Life And Times. Check the flier!

C1RCA News

This past weekend, Peter Ramondetta and Colt Cannon attended the Cross Fire Jam which took place at the Bay 66 skatepark in London, England.

Tony Tave has been in Barcelona for the past two weeks with fellow Element team riders. According to him, it’s freezing like hell but the skatin’ is amazing…

C1RCA Am riders Windsor James, Sierra Fellers & Grant Patterson have been filming at the many spots the So-cal couties have to offer. Night sessions have been going off almost every night. All are working on a reverse schedule, sleeping during the day and skatin’ at night…

Dennis Durrant is at home in Australia. According to Baby Ice, he’s been collecting footage with his homies…

Last but not least, congrats to Andrew Brophy, who has just been put on the official Cliché Am squad. Watch out for Brophy as this kid has the one of the biggest pop in skating, wait and see his tricks in the collective part in the new Cliché flick named “Hello Jojo”. The man child enters Cliché…


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