Stereo Goes Solo


Now that we have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of the highly lucrative market of action sports hardgoods, a.k.a. skateboarding, Jason and I have decided to pack it up and retire on a small island off Fiji. We will be bringing with us only our wives, a tent, a coffee maker, my cigar collection, and a marble bath tub. This means we can not be reached by cell or email, so if you would need to contact us, we suggest passenger pigeon.

Just kidding… the opposite is happening actually…

We’re going independent!

Since 1992, Stereo’s foundation has been built on blazing new paths, not following them, and that’s exactly what we plan to do. Our brand represents individuality, and not following “industry” standards. We use this same approach with business and we feel it’s time for Stereo to expand into the lifestyle skateboard brand it was meant to be. This will also allow our team to put their focus back on what got them into skating in the first place, having fun. They will continue filming for the upcoming video project “Adventures Through Sound”, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2007.

If you love both skateboarding and art / design then let’s face it, you’re probably not 10 years old. We have looked at the skate market and felt it was time to evolve. Instead of Stereo trying to cash in by marketing only to the 10-15 year old demographic (which seems to be the direction of many of our corporate counterparts), by dumbing down our product and our marketing, we are reworking the brand for the educated Stereo consumer. In short we are choosing creativity over cash.

Our new Agency Headquarters is being erected in Downtown LA as we speak, and a new staff of Agents are on stand by. Bear with us as we set up shop and new contact info will be available shortly.

Another big step forward is we are setting up our new Online Stereo Store! This new independent business model will allow us to have a much more hands on approach to every aspect of Stereo.

Everyone here is very excited about possibilities that lie before us, it’s a new era my friends! Look for even more limited edition products and collaborations, which will mean better quality products. We will be offering a new line of Kangol hats, an all new Etnies line, a limited run denim line from WESC, and some new kick ass collaborations which are yet to be announced.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Giant for their past efforts. And to all of the shops, distributors, skaters, friends, family, and fellow Sound Agents, Thank You for your continued support of Stereo and the Sound Agency!!

Join or Perish-Chris and Jason