Stereo skateboards, We Clothing, and Etnies Shoes showcases: America Motel

On Saturday, April 10, 2004, Jason Lee and Chirs Pastras hosted a non-skateboarding art show, America Motel, alongside with Swedish clothing company, We, Stereo skateboards, and Etnies shoes. America Motel, a tour of the American mid-west, was artfully portrayed through three different mediums, photography, writing and film. It was an exhibition by Alex Prager, Mercedes Helnwein, and Beth Riesgraf, respectively.

America Motel was actually exhbited in a motel under the same moniker. Well thought out and very original, they rented out 6 of the rooms to personify places where they stayed on their adventure. Each room was littered with different photos, and text while a video looped on the television. The physical nature of the show, sitting on the bed, watching the video, looking at the photos, using the bathroom, created an eerie sense of participation, as if I was actually on the roadtrip myself.

Motel rooms filled up quickly as people began to explore the exhibition. Musicians, actors, artists, skaters and critics wandered about between rooms. From Natas Kaupas, Quim Cardona, Paulo Diaz, to Danny Gonzalez were out and about mingling while musician Beck choose a quiet corner to enjoy the festivities. Overall the show was a success, and the three artists are currently working on their own solo shows.