Straight Trippin’: Childress & Partanen

Straight Trippin' reveals the dynamic story of two cohorts that travel across America in the throws of a recession and on a shoestring budget. The pair endure the 5000 mile route for good times, new friends and experiences, and discover challenges and situations that would inspire and enlighten them forever.

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The adventure begins in Portland, Oregon where the two cohorts discuss the need to get out and experience life on the road. Without the benefit of an elaborate RV, tour van, or responsibilities and daily schedule of a typical skate tour, these cohorts seek to experience cross-country travel and skateboarding on the same rugged level as hitchhiking. Doing the distance, they opt to seek rides from friends and interesting strangers, hop trains, and take on whatever small jobs may be available to earn money and keep things moving in a forward direction that will collectively make for an entertaining trip across America.

With a plan in place and with the initial help of their sponsors, these two strive to weave a tale of adventure that will inspire, touch people's hearts and make them laugh with the miles behind them.