Street League Newsletter: November

2012 Best of Austyn Gillette
His classic style, speed and technical originality are quickly making Street League Rookie Austyn Gillette one of the most respected professional skateboarders in the world and this 2012 Best Of clip is solid proof of why.

2012 Best of Ryan Sheckler
Always getting some of the loudest cheers from fans, Ryan Sheckler is one of the most exciting pros in Street League to watch. Sheckler goes 110% whether he’s in contention for the top spot or just to go big for the crowd. Needing a 3rd place finish or better in Arizona to qualify for the 2012 Championship, he did exactly that and then had a solid day in Newark.

2012 Best of Bastien Salabanzi
Winner of the 2012 Street League European Selection and one of the most talked about additions to the Street League 2012 roster, Bastien Salabanzi started the series by placing 2nd in Kansas City. Always pumped and playing to the crowd, Salabanzi was the only Street League Rookie to qualify for the 2012 Championship. His huge Backside Flips, Half Cab Flips and super consistent Double Flip tricks make him someone to watch out for at every stop.

2012 Best of Mikey Taylor
One of the most well rounded pros in the Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy and the world, Mikey Taylor has continued to improve his performance at Street League with every year. His fans, which have begun calling themselves the ‘Mikey Taylor Gang’ are always a strong presence at every stop.

2012 Best of Shane O’Neill
Shane O’Neill is known for being one of the most technically innovative skateboarders in the world. Ranking 12th overall in 2012 Championship Points, O’Neill’s Crooked Grind Nollie Flip Board Slide in this new 2012 Best of Shane O’Neill video is no exception.