Street League Newsletter

Coming Up Next – Stop 3 ARIZONA
Next stop – Glendale, Arizona. Street League will be at the arena July 14-15. Tune-in July 15th ALL THE WAY LIVE on ESPN2 at 7pm ET. Live webcast online – catch the Qualifier July 14 at 8pm ET and the Chevrolet Overdrive July 15 at 8:30pm ET, both on International viewers can follow the entire event via LIVE WEBCAST at But better yet, BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Street League presents Monster Energy's Mic'd Up with Ishod Wair. At Street League 2012 Stop 2 in Ontario, California Street League threw a mic on Ishod so you can get a little bit of insight as to what goes through his head and out of his mouth while he's skating at Street League.

Ontario Monster Energy Award
Street League presents the 2012 Monster Energy Award. At every stop of Street League 2012 the highest scored trick or run of the day is given the Monster Energy Award and $10,000. READ MORE.

Street League Ontario Recap – Jinxes Don’t Exist
The most unlikely thing gained from Street League 2012’s Ontario, California stop is the contradictory conclusion that jinxes may exist, while they’re also most certainly a mythical load of crap. READ MORE.

Oliveira Captures DC Pro Tour Flagship Moment – Ontario
Street League presents the DC Shoes Flagship Moment from Ontario with Luan Oliveira. This Half Cab Heel Flip Nose Slide 360 out in the Best Trick Section bumped Luan up and off the elimination bubble and all the way up into 2nd place. With a 4th place overall and his best performance yet, watch one of Luan’s best moments at Street League’s Stop 2. FULL REPORT.

Huston wins Ontario 2012 X Out Cleanest Trick
Street League presents the X Out Cleanest Trick Award. At each stop of Street League, the judges award the cleanest trick of the weekend to one outstanding trick. In Ontario, it was Nyjah Huston’s Kick Flip Backside Tail Slide in the Big Section that took the X Out Cleanest Trick at Stop 2. WATCH NOW!

Stop 2 Ontario Qualifier Finals Heats on Demand
Street League presents our 2012 Heats on Demand. Featured here are the Qualifiers & SemiFinals from our second stop in Ontario, California 2012. CHECK IT OUT!