Street League: The EU Selection

The European qualifier has begun. This contest will produce the final roster spot for the 2012 season. Like its American counterpart--the fans, Street League judges, and the Street League pros will each make up a third of the total votes. Each invited European skater will be given one day at the DC Embassy skate park in Barcelona, Spain to film a part that is being released one at a time on the DC Embassy website. The contenders for the DC Embassy contest include some of the top pros from around the world:

Chris Pfanner
Albert Nyberg
Flo Marfaing
Javier Sarmiento
Josef Scott
Michael Mackrodt
Manuel Margreitter
Wieger Van Wageningen
Roberto Aleman
Max Genin
Chris Oliver
Neil Smith
Bastien Salabanzi
Thomas Stejkal

Starting on April 10, one new qualifier video and never-before-seen interview will drop per day. Stay tuned, it kicks off at midnight PST with Albert Nyberg. Voting begins April 24 and ends on April 30.