Students Encouraged To Skate To School

A high school in Southern California claims it will be the first in the nation to install skateboard racks. While most cities are busy regulating or banning the sport, this week Cypress High School will not only allow students to bring their boards to school, but encourage their use as transportation to and from campus.

“People who have cars have parking spots,” said Cypress Principal Norm Fried, who decided to provide the racks after realizing that many students ride their skateboards to school. “People who have bikes have bike racks. I think the skaters should have a place to put their skateboards.”

The racks will solve another problem the school faces–the safety hazard created when students keep the boards near their desks. Fried plans to install a total of 60 skateboard racks at Cypress this year. At a cost of 750 dollars, each one holds ten boards. Students will be charged about ten dollars per year to use them, the same they pay for a parking permit.