Surf Expo Will Proceed, September 21 – 23

This past Friday, DMG World Media faxed and e-mailed a survey to Surf Expo exhibitors, pre-registered attendees, and past show attendees to confirm support to continue with Surf Expo later this week. Surf Expo staff noted its belief that this decision would not only be in accordance with the President’s appeal that the country get back to normal as soon as possible, but would also best serve its clients’ wishes and emotions.

Overwhelmingly, by more than a 3-to-1 ratio, retailers have indicated they would like Surf Expo to produce the show as scheduled. Their comments range from the patriotic desire to not give in to the terrorists to the critical business need to buy product for the Spring 2002 season. Interestingly, support has seemed to grow stronger Saturday and Sunday, and even more so this morning. This trend suggests that as we continue to get closer to the show, support to hold the show as scheduled will be even stronger.

A significant majority of exhibitors have also designated they are in favor of participating in Surf Expo as scheduled. Of those exhibitors who felt it may be prudent to cancel the September show, the most frequently noted concerns were whether there would be sufficient numbers of retailers at the show, as well as a concerns over travel and product-shipping difficulties.

As retailers have demonstrated overwhelmingly that they will attend the show, and since the indications are that travel will be much improved by mid-week, the Surf Expo staff concluded that its initial decision to continue was correct. Further, national express carriers–including UPS and FedEx–have resumed normal air operations and have reinstated their money-back guarantees for on-time deliveries.

Having polled the market, Surf Expo hopes that everyone will pull together and help make the most of the September Surf Expo. Surf Expo says it will be doing everything it can to ensure the continuing economic health of the industry by putting on a great show.