Take éS To Your Spots

éS Announces the “Take éS to Your Spots! Contest

Everyone thinks that they have the best, most original and obscure skate spot out there! Well, éS wants you to show us what you’ve got! Starting today, December 21, 2006, éS is proud to announce the “Take éS to Your Spots! contest.

Like every skate nerd, we are looking for a few new spots to skate, and we want you to show them to us! Does your neighborhood have spots that would cause most skaters to do a double-take before they see the possibilities? Send us photo of it! That’s what “Take éS to Your Spots! is all about. We want to see what you have to offer, and if you have a spot that nobody has abused yet, éS will go there with you, film a trick for our upcoming YéS! video and also shoot photos for an upcoming ad!

A handful of spots throughout the world will be chosen by the éS team. In late March, we’ll have them draw straws to see who gets to go where to film and shoot their upcoming ads. Every entrant with a winning spot will be featured on the éS Web site and receive a free travel bag full of éS footwear and apparel. So, enter for a chance to be that lucky skater who gets to skate your spot with your favorite éS team member.

To submit your digital photos, log on to the éS Web site at esfootwear.com. Submissions begin today and run though March 15, 2007.