Tampa Am 06 Results

1 Cody McEntire
2 Keegan Sauder
3 Willy Akers
4 Torey Pudwill
5 David Bachinsky

For more info and complete resutls, check skateparkoftampa.com.

Another great Tampa weekend. Here’s TransWorld‘s official guide to a weekend in Tampa:
Eats: Dish, Green Iguana, Columbia
Nightlife: Thursday night: Castle (sadly no Senator sighting this year), Friday night: Czar, Saturday night: Orpheum, Sunday night: Masquerade (free beer served by the beautiful Chase). Mons Venus and Ybor Strip are good any night.
If you don’t make the finals cut: gamble, skate the bowl in the back building, skate the vert ramp without pads, go street skate.
Street skating: Bro Bowl, St. Pete’s new skate plaza, find a local tourguide.
Check robbrink.com and mikendo.com for couple other angles of the weekend (and damn embarrasing photos).

This list will be updated/added to in a couple months when we’re back out there for Tampa Pro--can’t wait.