Tangent – Soccer Video Game Review

2002 FIFA World CupEA Sports/Xbox

The battle for the most coveted title in all of world sports-the 2002 FIFA World Cup-has come and gone. The Brazilian squad, the victor over the always-stern German side, held the solid-gold trophy for a record fifth time-an unmatched achievement within world football. (Known to the U.S. as “soccer,” but the rest of the world calls it “football.”) Now, EA Sports brings the excitement of the World Cup to your living room.

Lately, this game has been given many hours of play in the Xbox. It’s easy to learn and play, but difficult to master-the computer still rules on the “World Class” difficulty setting.

Battle the computer in your own 2002 World Cup, or take on your friends for some fierce competition. This time the U.S. team won’t be denied by the Germans in the second round of elimination-they’re going all the way.-E.S.