Texas Skate Jam VII

Well, we are less than a month away from the event... So far we only have a few confirmed skaters coming out...
This is a regular occurrence at this juncture of the Skate Jam. If you know who is coming out to the Jam, please let me know. I’ll be able promo the demo better. Over half of what we make for Make-A-Wish (MAW) is from the ticket sales for the event, so the names of the skaters are really important part of the promotion for ticket sales.

Run down of the weekend so far...

FRIDAY November 14th:
What about golf tournament on Friday? Maybe, Anthony Correra is working on this...but it’s just idea at this point...
Setup of the skatepark around 5pm and practice for the guys if they want too...

SATURDAY November 15th:

1pm to 6pm ...skating, skating...
3pm -- Mechanical Bull riding contest/silliness
4pm – 1st contest on the middle prop

SUNDAY November 16th:

1pm to 6pm ...skating, skating...
3pm -- Mechanical Bull riding
4pm -- 2nd contest on the euro-gap/rail

At this moment the only skaters I know about are listed below:

Alex Chalmers
Jeremy Wray
Brian Sumner
Kenny Anderson
Charlie Thomas
Kris Markovich
Danny Fruenzalida
Mike Vallely
Danny Montoya
Nate Broussard
Darrell Stanton
Peter Remondetta
Dennis Busenitz
Reese Forbes
Diego Bucchieri
Richie Belton Ed Selego
Salman Agah
Ernie Torres
Van Wastell
Jake Nunn
Vinny Vegas