TF At 1: Ten Years of Quartersnacks Book Review

"Tricks and styles change every year, but friends stay consistent."


This hardcover book features 208 high-quality pages of personal memories and photographs of the last decade of New York skateboarding. As you sink your teeth into this big boy, you'll see the sustaining bond of skate brotherhood that endures as New York continues to get skate-proofed and gentrified and skateboarding goes through its internet growing pains. After all, this is a book about a website.

QS founder, Kosta, breaks down the genesis of the site being the by-product of a shipwrecked and losing the fun of filming for his own two-year video project in 2004/05. So in September of 2005, he registered, put up a short edit, littered this maiden page with inside jokes, and a New York City institution was born.

There's definitely a running theme that New York isn't what it used to be, similar to the way you'll always look back at your salad days, wherever you lived, and they'll be the best time and place to be a skateboarder. Erotic skate fiction author Andrew Brown has the last passage in the book describing being taken in by the QS crew, though he was much older than them. A "skate refugee," as long as you just wanna skate and kick it at TF, the Quartersnacks crew could be your savior.

Here we are in 2015 and skateboarding has become globalized. TF At 1 is heartfelt, and it's universal. We've all got a Tompkins in our city, and the friends we make there are what we'll always remember most fondly about skating.—Blair Alley

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