The 2004 World Cup Skateboarding Video

“A visual documentation of skateboarding competition like no other

The 2004 World Cup Skateboarding Video

A behind-the-scenes documentary about life and travel on the Professional Skateboarding Tour

The Video:World Cup Skateboarding announces the launch of its first-ever WCS video: An inside look at the exciting sport of skateboarding through exclusive action and lifestyle footage featuring the top professional riders and personalities that participate within the globetrotting schedule of the World Cup Tour. See exclusive footage from World Title winners such as Ryan Sheckler, Rune Glifberg, Sandro Dias and Vanessa Torres as they travel across the globe, skate in new and exciting environments and compete on the yearlong tour. Meet the WCS staff and the mixture of personalities inside skateboarding and get first-hand understanding of those that make up this unique culture. This is the true inside story of the World Cup Tour and the collective moments of world class skateboarders in their day-to-day lives on the road.

Celebrating over 10 years of competition, World Cup Skateboarding has grown to over 25 events spanning Australia, Germany, Prague, Brazil, Asia, Canada and the United States.

The Producer:Bryce Kanights — Producer & Director

Bryce Kanights has been involved in skateboarding and its relative culture for most of his life. In becoming a respected and seasoned professional skater and staff photographer for Thrasher magazine in the 80s and 90s he has traveled throughout the world and promoted and documented skateboarding and its creative and DIY lifestyle to enthusiasts for many years.

His video work and experience includes: Producing and directing the first nine episodes of Thrasher magazine’s “Thrasher Skate Video series and most recently filming several interview segments for the series’ Skater of the Year, 13 Years in the Making…video. Other projects include: Directing and editing promotional videos for Switch Manufacturing, Direction and assistance to the editing of the opening video teasers for Konami’s skate video games, X Games Skateboarding and Evolution Skateboarding and the filming and editing of all individual team rider video clips for Independent Truck Company’s website

He currently works as a freelance photographer and contributes regular stories and image submissions to several domestic and international skateboarding publications.

Theo Hand — Associate Director

Theo’s creative background includes contributing filming work for video productions that include: Flip Sorry and Really Sorry DVD, Alien Workshop Photosynthesis, DC Shoes The DC Video, Thrasher Skate Video series, Plan B videos and 411 Video Magazine.

Total Running Time:50 Minutes

Release Date:December 2004