The Beast of The East Amateur Skateboard Championship II

The Beast of The East Amateur Skateboard Championship II was nothing shortof pure skateboarding excitement. Skaters from around the country floodedthe all new Utopia Skatepark in Raleigh, NC. The 3-day event and grandopening kicked off Friday night with demos by Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, DaveMuirra and performances by The Ernies, Intoxicated, Robin Andre and more.The excitement was so thick we made NBC’s 11:00 pm news. It must have beena sign of things to come during the weekend.

Saturday’s 1st round of competition showed the world that amateurskateboarding is progressing at a rapid pace and this next generation ain’tplaying! Kids as young as 9 years old blazed the Team Pain built (X-gamecourse designers) skate park. Saturday night rocked with performances byScience of Life (Subverse Rec.), and Tyfu (Mammouth Rec). Wu-tang’s flightgot cancelled do to bad weather conditions in the Midwest where they wereon promo tour at the time. However, they will however be involved in a few ofour events in 2000 so check for scheduling.

Sunday’s final round of skating featured some of the most intenseskateboarding on the planet. Chris Cole (World Industries) and Kyle Berard(Powell, Hurley, Reef) ripped it up for 1st and 2nd place. Chris pulled itout by a half (.5) point for 1st place . forget Rodney and Dawson, checkfor Chris and Kyle in the near future. Also, 11 year old prodigy Mark DelNegro pulled 15th place out of the final 30. In 20 years will we be playing MarkDel Negro’s Pro Skater? Don’t sleep.

The most improved skater – Burton Smith (Zoo York)

Check for results, thank you’s, event listings, andmore. This year has been nothing short amazing, 13-states and growing! The USAis continuing to expand in all its efforts. For 2000, the USA is planning toproduce more interactive FUN events for skaters and non-skaters. Also, Midwest look out – USA is coming your way next .