The Berrics Preview

There’s a new Web site that Steve Berra and Eric Koston and are doing, that is going to launch December 1. The site is based around their skatepark (The Berrics) where some of the greatest skaters in the world skate on a daily basis. A few months ago they startedfilming all the stuff that goes on there so that kids all over the world can see it. Their goal is to promote all of skateboarding and all skateboarders. There are a dozen sections to the site, among them are the BATTLE COMMANDER which is basically the pro of the week. RECRUITS (am of the week) and we a section titled UNITED NATIONS (team of the month). For the launch in December, it will feature Eric Koston, Jimmy Cao in the RECRUITS section and City Skateboards in our UNITED NATIONS section. They also have an interview with Erik Ellington and much more.

Check the video preview!