The Birdhouse Video

The Birdhouse Team is currently in full filming mode with back to back trips, all with the goal of logging footage for “THE BIRDHOUSE VIDEO.  We are aiming for a Fall 2006 release and these days seem to be flying by.  So far the crew has visited these countries in the pursuit of the perfect spot: Spain, France, Australia, Japan, The Phillipines, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, China, Russia, Holland, Canada, Turkey, Italy, New Zealand along with most of the States.   

Most of the team is currently on a European filming adventure, the only itinerary we are working with is that we will land in Lisbon, Portugal and fly out of Southern Spain two weeks later.  That trip will include Aaron Suski, Steve Nesser, Anthony Shetler, Jon Goemann and Brandon Westgate.   

Immediately after their return to the States, Aaron Suski and Anthony Shetler will be joined by Brian Sumner to skate at Tampa Pro the weekend of March 10-12th.   

Steve Nesser will head straight down to Mexico after Europe to continue filming and remain there till late in the month.  He currently has a full plate of filming for the video and opening his skateshop, Familia in St. Paul, Minnesota.   

Aaron Suski is headed out to Dubai on Volcom trip in late March, and Brandon Westgate is headed to Australia with Emerica late in the month as well. 

On March 25th, if you are in the greater San Diego area,  come out to Utility Boardshop in Del Mar for a Birdhouse demo and signing.  The crew will include Tony Hawk, Brian Sumner, Willy Santos, Anthony Shetler and Jon Goemann. 

Congratulations to Shaun White for winning Gold in Snowboarding at the Olympics. Now we just need to get him back on the ramp with Tony!