Saturday Nov. 22nd 2008 we had The Turkey Shoot Grom Contest at St. Pete Beach Skatepark. It was a cold & windy day but we had a good turn out for the contest. There was between 100- 150 people (inculding the kids that entered the contest) that came out to watch the contest. We had a hot dog vendor out there selling dogs. Ramble was out there jamming out through the conest, & Redbull came out giving away some drinks to the kids. The contest was pretty sick, in the 5-9 age bracket there was a kid that had only skated two days and was doing hippie jumps over the flatbar and learned how to ollie during the contest. In 10-14, there was a kid doing blunt fingerflips out on the quarterpipe, frontboard 360 shove-it out on the flatbar, tre flip off the hip, and more. 15 and up kids where doing backside 180s over the hip to flat, 5-0s on the 6 stair rail, back noseblunts on the flatbar, 50-50 to kickflip out on the elevator ledge, and more. This grom contest was a hard one to judge ’cause every skater brought their A game.—Tommy Zam

The winners of the 5-9 is:
1st  Andre Schoeman
2nd Tom Loudin

The winner of the 10-14 is:
1st   Christian Ailesh
2nd  Adam Friley
3rd  Shane Mullins
4th  Max Lee

The winner of the 15 – up is:
1st  Doug Schmich
2nd Bryce Springer

3rd  Tyler Ostfeld
4th  Denis Frain