The First Ever Skateboarding Game Show

Skatepeordy — a Skateboard Industry Game Show

Action Sports Retailer (ASR) and Premise Intelligence Agency, an industry consulting and marketing firm, are excited to have partnered in producing the industry’s first game show, Skatepeordy. Hosted by the legendary Sal Barbier and sponsored by Skatewave"¢, an industry leading skatepark manufacturer, the event will be a unique addition to the festivities taking place September 5-7 at the ASR Trade Expo.

Sarcasm and laughter will be the tone as participants are asked questions drafted by such industry heads as Kevin Wilkens (Transworld), Mike Burnet, Jordan Richter (Premise), and Sal (Aesthetics, Elwood). Skateboarding’s history will be in the spotlight in the special events area from 11:30am to noon and 3 to 3:30 on September 5th and 6th, 2003 at this year’s fall trade expo in San Diego.

Competing retailers will be taking the stage and teaming up with top athletes and industry leaders for the chance to win prizes. The event promises to be fast, fun, and exciting. “Attendees love the skateboard demos: they are timeless, but we wanted to bring the industry a new event that is fun, entertaining, and offers value to the retailer, said Premise co-founder Gregg Witt.