The Monthly News With DC Shoes


Ever wonder what Stevie does on a daily basis? 411VM #60 reveals all in “Day in the Life, as 411VM spends an entire day with Stevie and his crew. Get a sneak peak into Stevie’s apartment, his daily routine, and at the DC rider’s life between skate sessions. DC is also a proud presenting sponsor of this issue of 411VM, which celebrates the video magazine’s tenth anniversary. The four-disc collector’s edition includes the latest issue, a disc with 411VM’s 10 greatest articles, a disc with 411VM’s 10 best “Chaos articles, and a disc of bonus music. Head to your local skate shop to peep a copy now


Every skateboarder has dreamed of “handling security guards. Rob Dyrdek made that dream a reality with the Dyrdek Security segment in The DC Video. Who hasn’t fantasized about body-checking the security guard who’s kicking you out of a spot? Dyrdek also took his skating to a new level, with his longest and best video part since Alien Workshop’s Memory Screen. In this exclusive interview available only on DC’s Web site, Rob reveals secrets about his video part, talks about the making of the Dyrdek Security segment, and explains why he’s responsible for Danny Way’s street footage.


So you couldn’t make it to the world premiere of The DC Video, held June 19 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. You can still witness the chaos that ensued in 411VM #60, as 411VM documented the festivities that took place that fateful night. DC’s own Rob Dyrdek narrates the segment. In Dyrdek’s words, “Trust DC to take skateboard premieres to another level.


DC is a proud sponsor of Arkitip magazine’s annual art show, which takes place in Tokyo, Japan next Friday, September 26. This year’s show, called “EXHIBITION0004, features the work of artist Evan Hecox, who has created distinctive graphics for Girl and Chocolate.

Those not fortunate enough to be traveling to or living in Tokyo can still enjoy the benefits of the team-up, however, as DC’s Artist Projects"¢ is primed to release a limited shoe exclusively for the show. The Arkigraph will be released when the show opens, and will only be available through Arkitip dealers and Arkitip’s Web store.

The Arkigraph is one of the most collectible shoes ever produced through DC’s Artist Projects label, as its run numbers only 500 pairs worldwide. The black-and-pink shoe is hand-numbered, and each pair has Hecox’s artwork on the insole. It comes with exclusive Arkigraph shoe decals, an alternate set of pink laces, and a Hecox-designed shoebox.

“The shoe is an existing model by DC called the Graph, which is loosely based on general athletic hightop design of the 1980’s. (Editor) Scott Andrew Snyder at Arkitip and I then flipped it by reworking the existing material and color stories, as well as logo applications and packaging, to create a truly unique DC product, says DC Executive Vice President Damon Way. “Then we sent it to Evan to finish off by adorning it with his signature handwriting, one of his artistic trademarks. The Arkigraph really taps into what the Artist Projects"¢ is all about—creative entities combining talents and resources to spawn unique footwear projects for the retail marketplace.

He continues: “This is the second year DC has collaborated with Arkitip on its annual art show—last year’s show was at Colette, in Paris, with another Artist Projects"¢ collaborator, Thomas Campbell. But the Arkigraph is unique, because it’s the first shoe we’ve done with more than one entity, and to mark an event.

Founded and headed by editor Scott Andrew Snyder, Arkitip is a unique magazine that publishes art by contemporary artists, who each create work specifically for each issue. Every issue is then hand–numbered and sold in limited quantities to select dealers. Every issue of Arkitip is collectible, and makes unique art available to collectors at all economic levels.

Evan Hecox was born in 1970 in Colorado, where he now resides with his wife and daughter, after spending nine years in San Francisco’s Mission district. Hecox is a multidimensional illustrator/artist who depicts moods, shapes, and energy, while remaining accessible and relevant. In the past, Hecox has created distinctive graphics for Chocolate and Girl.

DC’s Artist Projects"¢ is a vehicle for DC to work with artists who influence street culture. Select artists are given creative control over the design, branding and packaging of a DC shoe. The first DC Artist Projects"¢ shoe was designed by Obey and Giant mastermind Shepard Fairey. It was followed by signature shoes by artists Thomas Campbell, Kaws, Dave Kinsey and Phil Frost.