The Nate-o Odyssey, Habitat & éS Vids

The Nate-o Odyssey Begins…

Last day till I embark on the most hazardous and most amazing venture ever done by the nato. Yep you herd it kids I am driving to fucking Orlando fl. from San Diego ca. 25 hundy miles 35 hours and the prize is not a gum ball party but even better to meet my Lady’s dad and her brothers. So I hope it will be all good and the Odyssey is simple and not insane like some of the storeys NEAL MIMS HAS TOLD ME. I am renting a car and I am planning to document the whole trip frame by frame and to touchier Blair when he gets back from the islands.  ‘WHY NOT FLY NATO” ?  good thing to ask to be honest if it ant Boeing i ant going. and Fucking airbus has a rap sheet that would make the ford pinto look good and the only Boeing flying to Orlando was on American air and they do the jet blue fucking Moter oil swap in Peru shit. would you get in a car that was fixed in Lima? me nether then why get on a jet? FUCK A PLANE just as Alex gall once wrote in a on line interview. So now i must fallow in the steps of such great road titans as Neal Mims and bill Weiss Kris Marovitch Clyde Singleton and so Meany others. The dirty south is waiting for me so get your gold fronts your mesh hat your ying yang and Johnny cash in the deck and fallow my trip.
Stay tuned for updates from the road…

New Habitat Vid

What’s up with the new Habitat video? Check back to that site as they’ll be updating throughout the filming of the new video

New éS Vid

éS teaser for their new video YeS.

F’east Tour Update

The Flip/The Firm F’East Tour lit up 3rd Lair Skatepark.