The Nate-o Odyssey Part II

The Nate-o Odyssey Part II: The Prelude

You see, before Nate Sherwood decided to take off on his adventure, he had a big decision to make. Rob Dyrdek wanted Nate to be a part of a new TV show. Here’s an email exchange between the two:

On 12/1/05 9:53 PM, “nate sherwood” wrote:

Rob, As long as you are being completely honest with me I will do the same. The truth is I am terrified of flying even though I have flown in the past to Europe and around the States. Since Sept 11,  I have not been able to get on a plane. I lied when I said I was flying to Florida tomorrow. I have rented a car and am driving my bitch ass to Florida. I was too embarrassed to tell you. Not too many people know about my fear of flying. Samantha is not yet in Florida. She arrives on the 5th and leaves  to go back to London on the 12th. That is why I need so much time to gum ball it to Florida and back. What is true is that her Dad is a Lord  and  arrives later in the week on the 8th. I wanted to have a few days alone with her before meeting him. In addition it is true that I am expected to go with Sam to a Xmas party for the company that he owns on SAT the 10th and play golf with him on Sunday. You know how bad I am at golf. They all fly back to London on the 12th and I high ball it home. So…here is the situation. I don’t see how I can be in L.A. before the 15th. Is it possible for you to shoot the first episode without me or delay shooting until after the 15th? After that date you would have my firm commitment and undivided attention. I have so many ideas for the show.I fully understand how angry you must be and if you were not to include me I have to live with that but I can’t think of another solution unless you and Big Black want to hit the road with me and do the show on the way to Florida? I know I will have to get over the fear of flying but right now is not the time  and I can’t blow off this girl. Sorry I had the dates all messed up. I could not recall them off hand. Anyway Sorry and I feel like shit. Thank you for not getting violent on me.


From: Rob Dyrdek
Date: Dec 1, 2005 11:22 PM
Subject: Re: Info game plan etc….
To: nate sherwood


Thanks for your interest in participating in our show here at MTV.However due to timing issues our relationship can not continue.Thank you for your honesty and support.

Good Luck with love….Stay strong ,stay real….

And remember…like Eminem says…”you only got one shot to blow”

Best wishes


From: nate sherwood
Date: Dec 1, 2005 3:58 PM
Subject: sorry
To: Rob Dyrdek

Rob, sorry you have had difficulty getting a hold of me. The truth is I have spent the last two days fucking going out of my mind. This is all so fucked up.After almost a year of hanging on to be included in your show, and I know it’s the assholes at MTV that have been jerking you around but  the timing is just so wrong. This chick in Florida is crazy for me. Her dad is like a Lord for Christ’s sake and she is talking marriage and shit. She flew here from London last week and it was ammmazing.She is so pumped about me meeting her Dad and brother in Florida.Its so important to her. When I told her I had to stay to do your show she flipped, complete insanity. Her coming here for the show and your kind offer of a hotel I thought would be a solution but she flipped again because the whole purpose of this trip is to meet her family. I can’t fucking hurt her. I know you have worked hard to help me out and I do appreciate it. If there was any way I could do the show with you and continue my relationship with her I would. This is the real deal Rob. I need this woman. From what I understand I am not the only contestant for the show. I know I was the ace in the back pocket and I am truly honored and Forever in dept to you for putting your neck out for me and getting my foot in the door. I lived my whole life abiding by the bros before hos slogan and I know if the old nate from 4 years ago ran into this nate he would rip his head off and decapaskate him. It is so hard to come to this decision and It is fully insane I know I mean she wants to move here and get a place by the beach and have me live with her. Not Like I am a jigalow or anything like that or just a average kept man but I do love her and if that means that some day I will be in a card board box after she dumps me then well that is where I will be. The cash the fame the coverage from mtv is so tempting but like any good Hollywood drama I had to follow my heart in the end. I feel like I am in a fucking film script here this crazy hard and brain killing decision to choose a woman’s heart over my main homeys tv show. Anyway if I turn into a alcoholic 10 years from now watching your show in a bar in a life of turmoil I will then get my punishment for this move. I hope and pray that you will not have a deep hate for me. For I have a deep respect and to be honest I look up to you since Memory screen. So I am more worried about our friendship as a whole going to hell than me missing the chance of a life time here on the show. Thank you so much for reading this and if you wish to talk to me which I am sure you do not at this point I will be back on the 14 to take any verbal beating or hate you can toss at me.  Sorry Rob 
Nate Sherwood.