The New Krux video Blown Out! is done!

MAY, 13 2004

The New Krux video “Blown Out!” is done!

Blown Out! is 42 minutes long, has a boss 80’s feel to it, as well as the soundtrack of the year!

Blown Out! features Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Ricky Oyola, Steffan Attardo, Dan Murphy, Brian Emmers, Emmanuel Guzman, Jeremiah Babb, Ron Whaley and Nestor Judkins as well the entire Krux team and their homies.

Blown Out! will be available at your finer skate shops May 25th. Possibly the most on schedule skate video ever produced!!?

Strictly mega hammers. No rail under 25 stairs. Double overhead gaps in checkered slip ons. Consecutive switch loops blindfolded. Your favorite movie stars busting Primo grinds on shackled hubbas. This shit’s Blown Out!

Premieres will be worldwide, the first at Slam City Jam in Vancouver BC. See Blown Out! at these fine shops:

Skateworks-Redwood City CA- May 15th 3:30 pm after Element demo
Bills Wheels-Santa Cruz CA- May 21st
Oneway Boardshop-Santa Maria CA-May 15th
Asylum- DC -May 15th
Specialty Sports-Pomton Plains NJ, May 15th
Anonymous (2) Cinciannti and Kentucky, Weekend of May 15th
Overload Skateshop, San Diego CA, May 22nd
Chula Vista Skatepark- Chula Vista CA, May 23rd
Blue Hawaii-Waipahu, HI
Hi-Tech- Kahului, Maui, HI
Fobia, Minneapolis MN
Ruin, Atlanta GA
Milk, S.F. CA, May 15th 7pm (Haight and Stanyan)
Portland, OR, Cals Pharmacy May 22nd
L.A. CA, 9 Star (11103 Olympic Blvd.) Weekend of May 29th

as well as several others, so keep your eyes peeled for a premiere in your area and prepare to get…