The NEW World’s Biggest Skateboard

You may remember seeing this one in videos and at tradeshows. Well, an Australian man named Grant Hicks just built the beast you see in the pics to the left. Read the story:

My wife bought me the Guinness Book of Records back in 2005 and I saw Todd’s board, I thought 12 foot isn’t that big so I decided to make one bigger.

It was also an opportunity to raise money for my local Surf Life Saving Club.

The deck was the easy bit, though it did take 4 people to flip it over. The hardest bit were the trucks. They are made from 3mm square section steel and ride on car ball joints, 2 per truck and able to hold up to 1 ton each. To stop the board falling over from side to side 2 gas shocks for each truck were fitted between the deck and the axles to slow the process of turning from side to side. They also limit the travel to stop wheel bite. The wheels are 15? alloy and I needed to fit disc brakes to one set for safety reasons. The board weighs in at around 650lbs. The brakes are set up with a bike brake lever that will lock the brakes up if the handle is released. Sort of like a deadmans brake.

Approximately 2000 screws were used on the deck alone and the trucks are tied together on the bottom with a T section between them for added strength. As a bit of a novelty I fitted a stereo system with 2à—300watt speakers powered by a rechargable 12volt battery for added effect at events.

Future plans are to set the record for the most amount of people to ride a skateboard. Guinness created this entry after I compared this to the most amount of people to ride a surfboard. This will take place later in the year. I will also be fitting spring coils over the shocks to take the load of around 20 people. So far I’ve put 16 kids on it.

Grant Hicks