The Tempster’s Art Show

Ed Templeton has a new art show opening next month in London. Go if you can, Ed is psyched on it. In his own words:

Hello all!

I am trying (late!) to get the word out about my upcoming exhibition in London so that you can let your posse know and get the word out so that about 8 million skate-rats can show up and totally bum out the highfalutin’ art world…

The show is called: “the Judas Goat”

It will be opening on January 20th, 2005At MODERN ART, a gallery in London.(see below for info on how to get there)

This is a big show for me, my first in the UK, and will have over 300 separate things to look at for your perusal and inspection.

So let your people, or magazine, or website or whatnot know about it!